Writing Tutors Toronto

Writing Tutors Toronto


It is important to keep your children writing even throughout the summer months and extended vacations throughout the year.   A simple way to have your child write to you everyday is to purchase a journal that you and your child can share everyday.  A simple journal entry about your child’s days events is enough to allow your child to practice grammar and spelling techniques with you.  We offer tutors that can help your child’s writing and reading skills.   Call us today.

Using On-line Essay writing services

Using pay per essay writing services to complete or write your essays


At Essay Tutors 4 U our tutors will not only help you complete your essay to the best of your ability. They will also teach you all the necessary writing skills you will need to write essays on your own with confidence.   Call us at Toll Free 1-(877)- 840 – 6195 or fill the application on the right to discuss an essay skills tutoring program for you.

Relying on Pay per essay services and the hard truths about using these online services

Some students are so desperate to complete their essay or university assignment that they pay for essays on-line in hopes they will get a better mark than what they would do on their own.  What they did not realize is that using a pay per essay might be a ticket to a university suspension or expulsion and for high school students this might lead to a zero on their essay. Many students often get stressed when their essay or university assignment is due in a short period of time and they have not started.

  • Some students resort to buying on-line essay that already completed. They guarantee you that these essays are unique and have never been reproduces.  These on-line services are usually in the U.S.  and really only cover U.S. geared curricular essays.

  • Other students turn to essay completion services whereby you give them your entire assignment or essay and depending on the amount of time of completion the price could be anywhere from $20 per page to $60 per page.  That is a cost between $120 to $600 depending on the length of your essay.

  • Others turn to the more well rounded essay writing tutors or essay tutoring centres to assist them with completing their essays.

What some students do not realize is that these online essay services are what you would call academically illegal.  This is worse than plagiarism because you are getting your entire essay or university assignment from someone else and you are claiming that you did the entire essay yourself.

Teachers/T.A.’s/Professors are not stupid.  They know your work and they know your writing style.  If they find something suspicious they are going to question you.   If that does not get you.  You think the people behind writing your essay are free from plagiarism you are wrong.   According to a Cambridge University study it was found that out of every 100 essays caught on plagiarism 7 of them came from an online essay service providers.  2 of them got caught because they used the same online essay provider and they material was nearly identical.

Plagiarism is a serious academic offence that can either give you a zero on your essay or get you suspended or expelled from your University.   Chris Spence a Director of Education for the Toronto District School Board  had to resign because he plagiarized material in the newspaper and later found out that he plagiarized his PHD thesis.

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